"Almost instantly I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit"

Place of Origin:  Dallas, Texas originally, but grew up in San Jose

Didn’t really relate or get along with my parents, even though we had a Christian influence in our home. Always believed in Jesus, never doubted him for a moment. But moved out at 18 and started working and playing in bands, which meant living the lifestyle of a musician. Married Julie when I was in my late 20’s, and we began our life together as we raised our son Tom. I was playing in a few different bands and eventually started a contemporary worship band at an Episcopal church. Eventually that fell apart and we left that church. We didn’t get back into it until I played an Easter service at New Life Covenant in 2006. It would be a couple of years before we would return, though.


Transformative Experience:  For a Christmas gift my son gave me an FM transmitter for my car so that I could play music from iTunes. However one of the stations that was listed on the transmitter to use was 88.1, so I set the radio dial there and found out that station was Christian Satellite Radio and almost instantly I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit. I left that station on my radio because I was afraid to change it, and I also found it was so inspirational, I have it on every day now.

That same afternoon Julie and I  decided that we would re-dedicate our lives to Christ. We knew of New Life Covenant and Mike and Debbie,  so we thought that we would give it a shot, and we just never looked back.

God is Great!