"I feel like I’m currently going through a transformative experience."

Place of Origin:  San Jose, CA

I grew up in a Christian household and started going to church when I was 5 years old. But I never really felt like I fit into my first church as it was very cliquey. I was baptized there at a young age.  I knew it was important, but I didn’t really feel closer to God.  It was more of a check-list item. When we started attending First Covenant, now New Life, I finally started fitting in and started feeling closer to God. I wasn’t just checking items off a list any more, I was starting on my journey of living for God.

Transformative Experience:  To be honest, I feel like I’m currently going through a transformative experience. My life up until I got married was frankly pretty smooth sailing and easy. Life hit like a ton of bricks 4 months after I got married by way of my husband, Ryan, losing his job and my pet sitting business hadn’t taken off yet. We had no savings, but we had generous parents who helped us get through. That was in 2010 and it hasn’t gotten any easier. While my business has grown, Ryan kept getting laid off every few years. Now we’re working together in this pet sitting thing trying to make it our family business, but through it all, I’ve had to fully trust in God. Trust we will have enough money, enough energy, enough love for each other, that we will make it through yet another storm. My church family has been huge in helping me through this. Pastor Kevin’s messages always seem to correspond with my particular storm and being part of the worship team means the songs are that much more meaningful. There’s nothing like leading the congregation in a song like Anchor, singing “A peace in the storm your voice I will follow” with the congregation, while personally struggling badly with anxiety. The hugs I receive Sunday morning ease my tension, even if no one knows exactly what I’m going through. There is so much love and acceptance in our church family. It’s unlike any other church I’ve ever experienced.