"God led me to New Life Covenant Church...I found my church family."

Place of Origin:  Minneapolis, Minnesota

I was born into a Christian family. Our lifestyle was devoted to worshipping the Lord. When I was eight years old things began to go amiss-- then my parents divorced. I went to live with my mother in a small house across town. My mother seemed to withdraw from her beliefs but I didn’t let this deter me. I took myself to a nearby church and became active and attended Sunday School on my own. The teachings instilled in me a wondrous and lasting love for our Creator.


Transformative Experience: Many pitfalls have befallen me in my Christian walk. I have fallen off the path in the past but in my search for a permanent church home, God led me to New Life Covenant Church. I walked in that Sunday morning and heard Pastor Budd preach and knew that I had finally found my “home.” That was almost twenty years ago and it was one of the best steps God has ever helped me take. I found my church family. They all welcomed me with open arms and I can honestly say it is one of the most heart-warming experiences of my life. To join this congregation each Sunday, and on special occasions, fills my heart and soul with appreciation for fellow Christians as well as a wonderful closeness to our Lord. I thank God for bringing me to this home.