I gave my heart to Jesus at a very young age and enjoyed serving in the church in a variety of ways when I was a teenager.  I memorized lots of Scriptures.  I believed God had a plan for my life.  My faith and trust were in Him and life seemed pretty smooth going for a long time.  My world was turned upside down when a close friend was murdered in 1997.  I spent months in a whirlwind of unanswered questions and nothing seemed to bring the peace I was promised in the Scriptures I had memorized.  One night, as I was reading a book called If God is God, Then Why?, I was presented with this question:  Is God Lord of your life or not?  Whether or not I get all the answers or understand any of the whys in life, my answer to that question was and still is “YES!”  The journey with Jesus is a great one, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Since 2006, I have lost two very special friends who died at a young age, walked through a difficult layoff from a job I loved, experienced the excitement of an engagement & the disappointment of a broken engagement, returned to college to prepare for a new career, moved away from my closest friends,  grieved the loss of my mother, and most recently, I lost my brother in law, who fought courageously for three years a disease (ALS) that I watched wreck havoc on his body and on all those who loved and cared for him daily.  And through all of the emotions and heartaches and questions and tears, I can say that God’s grace and love is more real to me today than ever, and I continue to live with the hope that I find in trusting the One who knows me the best and actually thinks I’m pretty neat.

"He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it." - Phil. 1:6