Join us on Sunday

10:00 - 11:45am


2175 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 



- A friendly welcome, coffee and conversation before the service begins

- People arrive around 10 am

- Contemporary Christian worship music led by a band

- A 30 minute message with insight and encouragement from the Bible

- A place for your kids to have fun and learn about Jesus

- A chance to meet someone and make new friends

How people describe our church

We are a community of people who enjoy each other, who take seriously our walk with God and who recognize that, for us, owning a building and producing a high-tech Sunday morning service aren't the core ingredients that help us become better followers of Jesus. We approach things more simply. We seek to hear God speak through His Word, look for His presence in our lives, and grow deeper in community.


What Sunday morning is like

Our service starts at 10 a.m. We begin with a few minutes of actual conversation and a cup of coffee; not just a handshake and hello in between songs, but a few minutes to truly catch up with each other. 

We then have some music and singing, followed by time to quietly reflect and listen.

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The messages that our pastor shares are Bible-based. They come from the text of Scripture and carry with them our core belief that there is much mystery and personal response (resistant or embracing) involved in following Jesus. Woven into most messages are humor and personal stories involving folks from our community. Pastor Kevin's sermons bring the biblical text to life and provide insight that often shifts our thinking and invites us to live from a deeper place. Children and youth join us for the beginning of our service, then they have their own dedicated classes. A nursery for infants is also available.

We finish up our Sunday gathering with a song and a blessing, then more time to connect with each other.

What we value

There are two key questions that reflect the central values of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America (our denomination): Where is it written? How goes your walk?

Where is it written?

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We all agree that the Bible is where we find truth. We believe that there are core truths that all Christians affirm that are found in the ancient creeds of the church.

And on non-core topics, we believe that there are interpretations of the Scripture where we can lovingly disagree. We humbly welcome discussion and varying viewpoints as we seek to pursue our understanding of the timeless truths of the Bible. 

How goes your walk?

We have found that following Jesus is about experiencing a vibrant, life-giving, walk with God. We love God. We love each other. And we have a passion for serving this world and helping others in their journey toward more deeply loving God and others. It matters to us how the Lord is at work within and among us, and how we are responding to Him. We share our gifts with each other and look for ways to help others.

Map & Parking

Willow Glen Community Center | 2175 Lincoln Ave. | San Jose, California


Park in the Community Center Parking Lot off of Lincoln Ave.  

All children begin in the Worship Service with their parents and will be invited to Childrens Church.

There's a special play space at the back of our meeting room if parents would like to keep their young children with them during the service.  A nursery is also provided.