I love the Evangelical Covenant Church ("The Covenant") because our central purpose is to encourage people to love and serve Jesus Christ. Since the ECC finds its roots in a great movement of the Holy Spirit in Sweden in the mid-1800's, we have always been centered on experiencing the love of God in Jesus Christ and sharing that love with others through both teaching the timeless truth of Scripture, and through ministries of compassion and justice.  


The Covenant was formed in the United States out of a desire of many local churches to do some things together that are very hard to do as individual churches.  Believing trained leaders were crucial to the mission, they united to found a college and seminary, which is now North Park University in Chicago.  In addition, they came together to more effectively share the good news of Jesus Christ all around the world.  It is hard for individual churches to send out missionaries, but together much more can be accomplished. 

In the Covenant and at New Life, our emphasis is on personal life in Christ, working together to share that life with others, and seeking together to make the world a more compassionate and just place. The ECC has cultivated this emphasis into 5 Mission Priorities, which give focus to the ministry of the denomination. 

The Covenant is a fellowship of churches that stays focused on the things that really matter.  

-Pastor Kevin Budd

New Life retreat at Mission Springs Conference Center, Scotts Valley