What To expect

 At New Life we want to make sure everyone feels welcome.  So whether you've never been to church before or your looking for a new church, you will find friendly people who are happy you're there.



The Bible isn't just some old history book or religious text book.  It is God's word to us.  And so for 30 minutes during our Sunday gatherings, the text of the Bible comes alive during a powerful presentation of its message, which has the potential to change lives. 


Singing is our way to celebrate the life we have in Jesus.  The music is a fun mix of older and newer songs.  We have a full band of talented musicians that are passionate about making a joyful noise.



Prayer is a part of every Sunday gathering because it's important for us to remember why we're there in the first place... to be with God.  So we pray for each other and for the world knowing that God is listening and will respond