Get to know us


We get it. Visiting a new church, whether you've never been to church before or you're simply looking for a new church, is an intimidating step.  We've all been there. Every single one of us have attended a new church at some point, even if we've only ever been to one church.

So we thought we'd make it a little easier for you. Instead of having to come to a knew place and meet a bunch of new people, we thought it would be easier if you could get to know us before hand. So below you will find real people telling their stories. That way you can see that we're really a lot like you, and you're really a lot like us. That is to say, we're all just people trying to figure out this thing called life. And while we come from all over the world and have different histories and stories, what makes us the same is that we seek and serve the same God.